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    Travel Health & Immunisations

    We are pleased to offer our registered patients a travel health service. Our nurses use up-to-date information to advise you on your health needs related to destinations around the world. They can administer most vaccinations and provide prescriptions for treatments where needed.

    We cannot accommodate last minute travellers. If you are going away in less than 2 weeks, you should contact the Travel Health Clinic on 0141 889 7656.

    Booking your Appointment with the Nurse

    • Travel Risk Assessment
      If you're planning a trip abroad please complete our Travel Risk Assessment form with details of your proposed journey. Alternatively if you prefer, the form is available from reception. (Kindly note that this service is for registered patients only)
    • Arrange a Travel Appointment
      Once you have submitted your form, please leave a contact number and the nurse will contact you to discuss and arrange an appointment. If you are leaving in less than 2 weeks, you should contact the Travel Health Clinic on 0141 889 7656.
    • Please Allow Plenty of Time
      Please ensure your appointment with the nurse is at least 2 weeks before your date of first travel to ensure that there is enough time to have all your vaccinations.

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    If you require a prescription for vaccinations this will be ready to collect 2 working days following your appointment.

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    Holiday Health

    It is always a wise precaution to pack some essential items in case of illness on holiday. Do choose medicines according to your needs and the country you are intending to visit. lf you take prescription medicines regularly remember to pack them too.

    You may want to consider packing the following:

    • Paracetamol Travel Sickness tablets Plasters and a small crepe bandage
    • Rehydration solutions such as Dioralyte, Anti-diarrhoeal e.g. lmodium
    • High factor sunscreen
    • Anti-material tablets, Water purification tablets, Insect repellent
    • Condoms / other contraceptives
    • Sunhats for yourself and children

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    Mosquito Bite Avoidance for Travellers

    In many tropical countries, mosquitoes can spread diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, West Nile, malaria, yellow fever and Zika. Here are five simple rules you should follow to reduce your risk of infections spread by mosquitoes.

    Download this Information Leaflet for further Information.

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    Travel Vaccination Charges

    We offer the travel health service free of charge, but unfortunately the NHS does not cover the cost of all the treatments you may need. Therefore, for some services you may need to pay:

    There are fees of £15 for private prescriptions for travel vaccines and medicines. If the patient requires yellow fever, they will be charged by the travel clinic at the Glasgow Airport.

    Malaria Tablets are NOT provided on the NHS and sometimes can be bought over-the-counter or may require a private prescription. The nurse can advise regarding this or you could discuss with your pharmacist. REMEMBER some tablets have to be started at least one week before you travel and you need continue to take them when you return home for the advised length of time.