On-line Patient Services

Patient Access

We use a secure website called Patient Access which provides:

Patient Access can be accessed here.
However you will need to register for the service (see below) before you can use it.

Mobile App

The free Patient Access app provides greater convenience for patients who are away from a desktop PC or laptop, with access to an Android or Apple Smartphone.

Getting Support

If you need help using Patient Access, visit the Patient Access Support website.

How to Register for Patient Access

Simply attend the practice (with valid Photo ID) and ask at reception to be registered.

You can only apply in person and we require photo-ID for the person making the application or alternatively a birth certificate if no photo ID is available.

You may register your children for online prescriptions and appointment booking. They will need their own account. In order to maintain confidentiality, we will de-activate online access at or around their 14th birthday. They should then contact us directly if they wish to re-register.

Safe and Secure - All data contained within Patient Access is protected using the highest standard internet security so you can be sure all your personal information is safe and secure.

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